The City of Music and Wine

 The Dürnberg Winery is located in the north of Austria in the historic heart of Austrian viniculture. For more than 800 years, vintners of the region are cultivating grapes to produce aromatic, fruity and full-bodied wine. Chilly winds and the soft hills of the region gave us our predicate: ‘cool climate’. Our variety of wines are keen to give you an impression of our delicate vinification processes and the sustainable management of our vineyards. Because every part of wine making, from the vineyards to the bottle become part of the experience of drinking a well-balanced wine.

Our Wines


Sparkling Rosé

You will love the elegant, expressive sparkling rose - fine berry aromas reminiscent of sour cherries and cassis, the fine sparkling mousse and the balanced acidity guarantee special drinking pleasure. A great aperitif for connoisseurs and just right for festive occasions.



 Our very own popstar – a cuvée of muscatel, welsch-riesling and chardonnay. The flowery scent and its fruity and lemony taste will make you feel like its spring.   



 The sir of the evening – A traditional Green Veltliner presenting you typical impressions of green apple followed by a bright and enjoyable acidity.


Blanc de Noir

 The lady of the evening – a white wine made from red grapes. A delicate scent followed by elegant tones of cassis and black currant. 



 Our most beautiful child – Take a sneak peak to the next level of wine making. Unique wine stock. All natural. No machine work. No pesticides. Tremendous nose and full-bodied.  

Schlawino is the newest creation of Max's team called The Soul Apes, where they question every step of conventional wine making. Their most beautiful child as they call Schlawino will certainly surprise you