Mozart Discoveries: July 26th, 19:00


Come and join us for a once in a life time opportunity. This is your chance as an audience to be the first in the world  to hear the World Premiers of a Mozart Flute Concerto and a cantata that was written by both Mozart and Salieri!


The Discovery

The project was born from research conducted by flutist James Strauss,  stemming from four works by Mozart that were only known through correspondence  between Mozart and his contemporaries and lost to the present day. 


The Music


The pieces; Concerto in D Major KV. Deest, quoted in two  letters and a diary, performed on July 26th, 1777 ( manuscript found in  Poland in 2016 and rebuilt by Canadian pianist Anders Musken) -  The Grand Concertante for 2 flutes and orchestra, based on the sonata for 2 pianos K.448, an anonymous arrangement published by M.A Menzel in 1820.    

The Cantata - Per la  Ricuperata di Ofelia, written  for the soprano Nancy Storace by  Mozart-Salieri and Josef II -   discovered in 2015 in Prague, and presented for the first time with the  soprano  Kate Rafferty in Vienna in 2016 - and here presented for the  first time in the Orchestral version rebuilt by James Strauss. This  unpublished repertoire will be premiered on July 26th, 2019, in Vienna,  Austria, and in Bogotá, on October 31, for the premiere in South  America.  



The Flute Concerts were recently recorded with the Camerata Simon Bolivar with James Strauss as soloist and director.  

The  importance of these works of "The Genius of Salzburg" is enormous and now,  finally, they are available to the great public of the world.