Music from Vienna, for Vienna

A Toast to Vienna

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Our Program

A Toast to Vienna features classics from composers who lived in Vienna, or have been influenced by this lustrous city!

Our program includes classics from composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Mahler and Brahms.

This marvelous selection of music has been tailored to be enjoyed by all music lovers alike.  

The Wine

The wine has been selected  carefully for you to give you and your senses a real Viennese experience.

Enjoy your wine while we serenade you with the sounds of this great city!

All the wines featured come from the Vienna region and boasts a high standard.

Our Artists

Our incredibly talented musicians come from all corners of the world.; all brought to Vienna by their passion for music.

We are all thrilled to be able to give to our audience what Vienna has given to us!

After the concert we would love to meet you and have you join us in our "Toast to Vienna!"


Dom · ★★★★★

One  of the most unique and pleasant evenings I've ever had. Young,  spirited, enthusiastic musicians let us participate in the fun and  feelings they had when performing their well curated pieces. We were not  spectators but guests in a great Viennese adventure. Thank you!

Paul · ★★★★★

What  a beautiful event. Thank you so much for the great performance. The  setting  and the artists were just wonderful. A truly holistic Saturday  afternoon experience.

Ginte · ★★★★★

 The classical  music program hits that sweet spot between being professional enough  that other musicians can appreciate it and light enough that the  newcomer to classical will still have fun. And wine tasting at  intermission is such a brilliant idea that we were wondering why we had  never encountered it before. And all of this takes place in the  spectacular surroundings of a true aristocratic salon. Truly recommended  for the visitor to Vienna!

Debbie · ★★★★★


Rick · ★★★★★

 Held in a stunning venue. Fantastic musicians and superb wines.Worth every euro! 

Parama · ★★★★★

Extremely great in every way and stars in every aspect!


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